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Thanks for your interest in my creation!

As long as I can remember myself, I did needlework!

My first steps in the field of sewing were when I was 5. I had cut some cloth from my mother's new dress and sewed a new suit for my doll. My mom liked the doll's suit, but did not like the way I chose the fabric. So, she enrolled me in a sewing course, bought me fabric and I started to create! I do everything: knitting, crochet, embroidery, sewing. I can not stop!

Then I discovered a new creative outlet: Felting, and I fell in love with that! Felting is an endless flight of fantasy!!! Not only am I able to simply make clothing from fabric, but I am also able to be a designer of the fabric or cloth. Working with felt allows  for unlimited variations of color, texture and volume. I can felt clothes, shoes, hats, blankets, carpets, art and etc.

And the most important advantage of felt products, is that we need to just to cut the animals' fur. The animal is still alive. This is a very important for me.

Every day I wake up with a new idea that I just try to realize in the work! Life is beautiful!

Welcome to my Art Studio and Felting School. I will be happy to make unique something for you or teach you felting!

Also, I invite you to join my page "Needlework for fun" on the Facebook.

E-mail: FeltingArtStudio@gmail.com

: 203 883-9084


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